Stay Warm & Save Money

The best space heaters can improve the comfort of your home with reduced heating costs.

Getting started

What type of heater is best for you?

Depending on your room size, power source, output, design and installation requirements, certain heaters will better suited for your needs. To get started, review our guide to the different types of heaters to narrow down the choices and find a style that’s right for you.

heating buying guides

Propane Space Heaters

Learn about the best portable propane heaters designed for different uses and output requirements.

Electric Wall Heaters

Learn about sleek and energy efficient models to add supplemental heat to rooms in your house.

Bathroom Space Heaters

Find the best space-saving and effective bathroom heaters to save overall energy costs and keep your bathroom toasty.

Kerosene Heaters

This classic style of heater is still a great option for different settings. Use our guide to find a safe and efficient model.

Ceramic Space Heaters

A list of the best portable, safe and energy-efficient ceramic style space heaters that are versatile and budget-friendly.

Oil Filled Space Heaters

Learn about the technology of safe and effective oil filled heaters to see if this is the right design for your heating needs.

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