Best Bathroom Space Heater Reviews

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A nice hot shower or bath feels amazing on a cold winters morning, but not the before and after shock of a freezing bathroom.

With these bathroom heaters you don’t need to put up with iced tiles and frigid bathroom air. With these top rated heaters you’ll find a simple and affordable way to greatly improve your bathroom.

5 Best Bathroom Space Heaters

The issue that must be addressed with bathroom space heaters is how they adapt to a moisture-rich environmental. You don’t need an electrical hazard in your bathroom when all you’re trying to do is stay warm, right? These are the proven space heaters that will safely get the job done.

Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater

Most of us think of something tall and ungainly when we imagine a tower-style appliance. However, this particular tower heater from Lasko is just under two feet tall, making it a good size for the average bathroom. At only eight pounds with a carry handle, you can easily move this heater around your house if you need to.

This heater also has a ceramic heating element instead of metal coils or oil, and its housing remains cool to the touch. Both reduce fire hazards and prevent you, your family, and your pets from getting burned, even if it’s been running for hours.

Tip-over and overheating protection give you added safety. You can turn it on and leave it to heat your bathroom up while you do other things. And, with a seven-hour auto-stop timer, you don’t need to worry that it will just run nonstop forever.

However, this space heater only has two primary wattage settings: High and low. While it has an automatic thermostat to adjust its heat output depending on the room’s temperature, you have no midpoint settings, giving you less control over temperature than you might like.

You also only get a three-year limited warranty, which sounds great, but doesn’t cover everything that may go wrong. It covers manufacturing defects, but Lasko reserves the option to decide whether to repair or replace the heater. If you’re hoping for one above the other, you may not get what you want.


  • Up to 1500 watts of power
  • Comes fully assembled – just take it out of the box, remove the packaging, and plug it in
  • Electronic controls for easier use
  • Widespread oscillation
  • Uses convection instead of a fan


  • Comes with a standard two-pronged plug instead of an appliance leakage current interrupter (ALCI)
  • No remote control
  • Can raise your electric bill with too much use
  • You pay the expense of shipping back to Lasko for warranty claims

Air Choice Portable Electric Heater

For those with small bathrooms or just prefer small space heaters, Air Choice’s portable electric heater makes a great pick. Not only do you get tip-over and overheating protection, but you also get a flame-retardant case. As such, should something happen inside the heater, its housing won’t burn.

Aside from two different wattage settings, you also have a fan-only mode. If you like having a fan on you in the summer, Air Choice’s little heater can pull double duty on that front. However, the choice between high and low for heat may feel a bit limiting to anyone who prefers more control.

Like most electric space heaters on the market, this one has a ceramic heating element instead of metal coils or oil. It warms up quickly without any burning smell. However, it has a standard two-pronged plug rather than an ALCI plug, so you shouldn’t keep it where water might splash, especially near the sink or right next to your bathtub.

Air Choice provides a full replacement or refund warranty that’s good for one year from the time of purchase, so if you get a defective product, simply contact them at [email protected]


  • Weighs just three pounds and comes with a carry handle
  • Thermostat shuts the heater off when the room reaches a specific temperature
  • Ceramic heating elements take only three seconds to warm up
  • Capable of warming a room up to 200 sq feet despite its small size
  • Indicator light reminds you that it’s on


  • Standard two-pronged plug, no ALCI plug
  • Power cord is short at just under six feet
  • Low setting is only 750 watts
  • No oscillation

AUZKIN Oscillating Space Heater

If you want a smaller, more personal space heater for your bathroom or anywhere else, check out AUZKIN’s oscillating space heater. It’s easy to use and move around, so you can virtually create your own customized temperature bubble around your bathtub or near your sink.

You can also do that anywhere else you want just a little extra heat. A space heater this size might help you save money on your heating bill because the little warm area you create with it allows you to keep your home’s temperature a little lower.

It has three settings with light indicators telling you which setting you’re on: Bright red for high, dim red for low, and blue for the fan-only mode. You can use this in your bathroom year-round, which is particularly lovely if you live in a humid area with no air conditioning and have trouble drying off in warm weather.

It’s also quiet, producing the same noise level as the quietest ambient noise level in the suburbs.

However, this is a personal heater, not meant to heat an entire room. If you have a tiny bathroom, that probably won’t be a problem. For the average bathroom, though, you need it close to wherever it is you want extra warmth.

You also don’t get a warranty with this. If you have a problem, you can contact AUZKIN with details of your situation, but you don’t have a warranty under which to file a claim.


  • Takes just one second to warm up
  • 45-degree oscillation
  • Carrying handle lets you pick it up and bring it with you wherever you go
  • Will continue to blow wind for 20 seconds after shutoff to ensure sufficient cooldown
  • Has a simple on-off switch with easy-to-use controls


  • Power cord is super short at less than four feet
  • High heat is only 950 watts, and low heat is only 600 watts
  • Must be kept away from places where water is likely to splash
  • No ALCI plug

Lasko Ceramic Bathroom Heater

In addition to its popular tower heaters, Lasko makes a space heater specifically designed for the wet, humid environment that is the bathroom, especially after a shower. It uses a fan rather than convection to heat the room, so if you need it, you get a bit of a breeze depending on where you put it.

It has two power settings going up to 1500 watts and a single, large button on the top that allows you to simply tap it to turn it on and change the settings. It also has a third setting, which is a one-hour auto-shutoff option that helps prevent overuse.

It’s just eight inches tall, with only 6 1/4 inches on each side of its base, making it great for small and average-sized bathrooms alike. You can also move it around easily and set it down in places where larger space heaters may not go.

Lasko’s products come with a three-year limited warranty. However, it doesn’t cover very much, and you have to pay to ship it back to Lasko. Be sure you read it carefully so you know what’s covered and whether you should just buy a new heater should yours fail during the warranty period.


  • Comes with an ALCI plug and ETL safety certification, making it particularly suitable for bathroom use
  • Cool-touch exterior prevents skin burns
  • Lightweight at just four pounds
  • Comes fully assembled
  • You can use it anywhere, including near your bathroom and kitchen sinks


  • Fan-delivery means noise, even if it’s low noise
  • No remote control
  • Power cord is only six feet long
  • Requires three taps to turn off

OPolar 1500W Bathroom Space Heater

Another space heater explicitly designed with the bathroom in mind, OPolar’s 1500-watt space heater gives you everything you need in a convenient, bathroom-perfect design. Like most space heaters, it comes with high and low power settings. However, it also has a thermostat that you can control, allowing you to set the temperature at which you want it to shut off.

It’s somewhat larger than Lasko’s bathroom heater, but not by so much that you’ll have problems finding a place to put it, even in a small bathroom. And with its ultra-wide-angle oscillation, it will heat your whole bathroom space quickly.

If you get too warm, you can turn it to its fan-only setting and help cool things off while you dry and get dressed. You can also use this setting in the summer no matter how humid your bathroom gets. Its overheat protection mechanism will shut it off even if you accidentally toss your towel over it.

OPolar gives you a 30-day unconditional refund for unused products, plus an 18-month warranty for which they’ll cover most repairs. You should check your product page before returning it, though, and you need to contact them to file a warranty claim before you ship it back.


  • ALCI plug and waterproof construction make it perfect for both bathroom and kitchen use
  • Massive 80-degree oscillation angle heats entire bathroom quickly
  • Has an auto-shutdown when the room reaches your desired temperature
  • No smoky or burning odor


  • Requires unplugging after overheating
  • May trip circuit breakers
  • Thermostat dial is challenging to turn
  • Power cord is only six feet long, and using an extension cord is difficult

Are There Benefits To Having a Bathroom Space Heater?

Besides making sure that you stay as comfortable as you want to be after you’ve finished taking a shower or bath, there are 4 key benefits that come with ownership of a bathroom space heater.

  1. It limits how high moisture can rise. Ever notice the fog on your mirror after you’ve finished taking a bath or shower? That’s moisture from your warm-water bathing that has risen due to the nature of air temperature. When you run a heater in your bathroom, it forces the moisture to stay lower, limiting the potential for wall damage while keeping mirrors fog-free. 
  1. It keeps your sink dry. How annoying is it to leave a few things out on the sink, only to find them damp thanks to the moisture settling on them? When you’re able to keep your sink and fixtures dry, you’re able to limit mold and mildew development. This can help you save on time when it comes to cleaning your bathroom. 
  1. They’re inexpensive to operate. When you run a bathroom space heater full-time, you’ll typically add $15-$25 to your utility bill every month. But are you really going to be running this space heater 24/7? Of course not. You’ll use it when you’re in the bathroom and then turn it off when you’re finished. This means you can often operate these heaters for just pennies per day. 
  1. They protect your electrical circuits. Now you will need to have a GFCI outlet installed in your bathroom for best results. This way, if moisture gets into the circuit for some reason, it will trip so you don’t wind up with more problems. The best bathroom space heaters are designed to work with these circuits to make sure you have consistent results. 

And let’s not forget how easy it is to have heat in the bathroom with these space heaters. Just bring it in there, plug it in, and then turn it on. It’s really that easy to be more comfortable in your bathroom all year long. 

How to Maximize the Use of a Bathroom Space Heater

There are a number of different precautions you’ll want to take to make sure you get all of the benefits a bathroom space heater can provide you. At the top of the list is to keep the heater away from any materials that are flammable. Who wants to use toilet paper that’s on fire anyway? But things like nail polish remover can be extremely combustible, so take care to place the space heater in the middle of the room, away from possible flammable triggers.

You’ll also want to run the space heater on the lowest setting whenever possible. Bathrooms are typically small spaces, less than 100 square feet, and they can warm up quickly. If you’re in a warm shower and you create more warmth with the space heater, you can actually simulate heat sickness under the right conditions. The best bathroom space heaters in this category may have a thermostat feature which will let you set a specific temperature.

As with any heater, keeping the surfaces away from children and pets is also necessary to avoid needless injury.

How to Find the Best Bathroom Heater for Me

It all starts with the best bathroom space heater reviews. With real reviews and trial reports, you can have more information about each product so you can make a legitimate decision about its usefulness.

Size is also something some homeowners may wish to look at. Most of the space heaters in this category will effectively warm up a space that is 200 square feet in size or less. Some may only be effective in spaces up to 100 square feet. Make sure you look through the product descriptions and product reviews to make sure your preferred bathroom space heater can deliver the goods for you on a consistent basis in this area.

Certain features may also be more desired in some homes than others. This category offers multiple fan speeds, multiple temperature settings, tip-over protection, and automatic shut-offs in various combinations. Evaluate your needs, pick the features that will meet them, and then find the bathroom space heater which will get the job done.