Best Ceramic Heater Reviews

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If you’re looking for an affordable space heater, then the best ceramic heater reviews can help you find the perfect option for your home. As the costs to heat your home continue to rise, this type of heater can be an economical way to stay comfortable all year long.

Even in the dead of winter, you can manage your costs by running a ceramic heater so your HVAC thermostat can be set at a lower setting. This gives you targeted warmth and the possibility of cost-savings every month.

The Best Chart for Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic heaters are ideal for rooms that have inadequate heating, including a lack of formal central heat. The best ceramic heaters can be used in the garage just as effectively as the family room. The chart below offers you a look at the proven products in this category so you can find the right combination of features and controls.

PictureNameOur RatingPower (Watts)Price
Lasko Ceramic Heater w/ Adjustable Thermostat 4.1
Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater w/ Digital Display 4.3
Holmes Compact Ceramic Heater With Thermostat 4.3
750 / 1500
Pelonis Ceramic Safety Furnace 4.3
750 / 1500
Comfort Glow Ceramic Disc Furnace 4.6
Lasko Digital Ceramic Tower Heater With Remote 4.0
750 / 1500
Broan NuTone 6201 Big Heat Heater 4.0
1200 / 1500
Honeywell HZ-315 Quick Heat Ceramic Heater 4.2
Variable 1500w
Crane EE-6490 Space Heater 4.3
600 / 1200
Lasko Stanley Pro Ceramic Utility Heater 4.2
750 / 1500
PictureNameOur RatingPower (Watts)Price

What Is a Ceramic Heater and Why Do I Need One?

Ceramic heaters are space heaters that warm up temperatures through the convection process. What makes them different from other heaters is the inclusion of a ceramic disc within the heating element. As the disc warms up, a fan distributes the warmth from the ceramic into the rest of the room.

The advantage of this design is that many of the unintended injuries that occur with a space heater can be prevented. The ceramic disc is contained within the interior of the unit and the fan distributes the hot air away from the exterior of the heater. This makes them cool to the touch, making them a suitable option for warming up a child’s bedroom, for example, or a living area that includes curious pets.

Some newer designs within this category also provide an oscillation option. This allows the ceramic heater to be able to distribute the heat even more uniformly throughout a room. You might find a fan option without heat so your heater can double as a cooling fan during the warmer months.

How to Find the Best Ceramic Heater for Me

Ceramic space heaters do a great job of making a room become more comfortable. Unfortunately they also tend to cost homeowners more money than expected because the wrong heater has been chosen. To make sure you’re getting the best value for your purchase today, you’ll want to take a look at these key areas as you go through the best ceramic heater reviews.

  • Choose the correct size. According to Consumer Reports, 60% of people who recently purchased a space heater expected their energy costs to be trimmed down immediately when they turned the heater on. The only way to accomplish this is to provide heat sources to all rooms – not just one room.
  • Choose the correct safety features. Many ceramic heaters today have automatic shut-off features installed to turn the unit off should it begin to overheat. For taller models in this category, a tip-over shut-off may also be included. Look for high quality electrical cords which have passed safety inspections to prevent a common cause of fires and injuries from space heaters as well by looking for recognized testing laboratories: UL, ETL, and CSA are the most common.
  • Choose the right type of controls. Many ceramic heaters come with dial controls, but some have digital controls built into the unit. There may even be thermostat controls that can be changed. Any controls which let you create a more energy efficient experience is going to help you maintain temperature levels without costing extra cash. 

Every room is a little different, so there is no “one best answer” when it comes to the best ceramic heater on the market today. You must choose one with the right features to meet your needs. Take a look at your room size, what your current heating options are, and what your temperature control goals happen to be. Then look at the specific categories listed above with each model and you’ll be able to find your best solution. 

Common Issues with Ceramic Heaters and How to Fix Them

One of the most common complaints about ceramic heaters is that their thermostat feature fails to work. This means the heater won’t automatically turn off when a specific temperature has been reached. This is generally not something that can be fixed in a DIY repair, so look for ceramic heaters with at least a 1 year warranty to avoid trouble in this area.

At times, the ceramic disc may be at an increased risk of cracking because of the humidity of your home. This is because moisture gets into the heater while the disc is hot. You can avoid this issue by keeping your ceramic heater out of the bathroom when you’re taking a shower or using it in other high moisture situations. 

The final common issue discussed in many public reviews is an overall lack of heat being produced by a ceramic heater. Most heaters in this category are designed to work in rooms that are 50-150 square feet in size. They are not usually built to be a whole-home solution. If you place one of these heaters in a room that’s too large for its capabilities, then not only will the room possibly seem cold, but your utility bills could wind up being a lot higher than expected. 

What Are the Prices of the Best Ceramic Heaters?

Ceramic heaters are an extremely affordable way to provide a portable heating solution for your home. Many models in this category offer variable heating levels for less than $50. Even premium ceramic heaters are typically priced below $100. Many homeowners will find a suitable heater for a single room in their home for around $35 in several different brands.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?


What do we love about this ceramic heater? For starters, the controls on it are top-mounted turn dials, which makes it a lot easier to maintain the desired temperature level in the bathroom at all times. There’s a timer included within the design of the heater so you can pre-heat your bathroom before your shower or bath so that you’re comfortable at all times. Even two heat settings are available on this compact model. Really… what’s not to love about this heater?

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Lasko 5586

This tall ceramic tower heater offers you a 1,500 watt heating experience that is visually stunning. A front-mounted thermostat display is complimented by top-access controls so you can always know what is going on with your heating and make changes when needed. The thermostat is also programmable and equipped with an 8 hour timer. The widespread oscillation gives you fast temperature changes, but the cool-touch housing also makes this heater perfect for kids and pets. You’re going to love having this heater in your home.

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Broan Big Heat

If you’re looking for a compact ceramic heater that produces a ton of heat, then this is the model we suggest. With a rugged steel housing, the finish on this heater is one of the most durable we tested for this entire site. The automatic shut-off engages instantly in case this heater gets tipped over, so you won’t have to worry about the full 1,500 watts causing any damage. Overheating protections are also included with the design. A caution light is also included to let you know if there is too much heat being produced. At this price, you can’t go wrong with this heater.

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This is the ceramic heater we like if you need something ultra-portable. It works just as well in your cubicle as it does sitting on your bedroom dresser. With two heat settings of 600/1200 watts, a simple dial control lets you adjust what your output received happens to be. Every heater is going to make some level of noise, but this particular model is virtually undetectable. There’s no thermostat with this heater, just the low or high position, but it works great. If you’re ready to own the best little ceramic heater ever, then you’ll want to purchase this model today.

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Lasko Stanley Pro

We’re always a little leery of co-branding when it comes to space heaters. It’s often more about the marketing than it is about the heat being produced. This effort, however, exceeded our expectations. With two heat settings and a fan-only option, this is a heater that is built to withstand the toughest of residential environments. A unique pivoting feature lets you direct the flow of warmth as well. It arrives fully assembled, is ETL listed, and the comfort rubberized grip makes moving it from room to room virtually effortless.

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The best ceramic heater reviews will help you find the best portable or permanent heating source you need for when the colder months come along. Make the investment today in your comfort and it will be something that will pay you dividends every time it gets cold outside.