Best Garage Heater Reviews

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For many guys, the garage is their “man cave.” It’s the place where they work on the car, get a chance to have some peace and quiet, and maybe pursue a hobby or two.

Unfortunately the garage also tends to be the coldest room of every home. Instead of letting your nose hairs turn to icicles when you’re trying to relax, consider the best garage heater reviews as a workable solution to the problem. One investment could help you be more comfortable out there right now.

The Best Chart for Garage Heaters

Or maybe your garage is your gathering place for entertaining family and friends. Or it’s a spare bedroom. It could be a “woman cave” too. Whatever the case may be, the chart below offers you a look at the proven garage heaters that will help you stay nice and warm when you’re enjoying time in this often cold room.

PictureNameOur RatingBTU
Mr. Heater MH9BX Buddy Portable Radiant Heater 4.6
Dr. Heater DR966 Shop/Garage Commercial Heater 4.4
Fahrenheat 240v Garage Heater 4.6
Optimus H-9010 Garage/Shop Ceiling or Wall Mount Heater 4.0
Dr. Infrared Heater DR-988 Garage/Shop Heater 4.1
Dimplex Garage/Workshop Heater 4.2
Comfort Zone Industrial Steel Electric Garage Heater 4.3
Fahrenheat Ceiling-Mount Industrial Garage Heater 4.8
Heatstar By Enerco Radiant Heat Garage Heater 4.5
Dimplex Portable Construction Heater 4.0
PictureNameOur RatingBTU

What Is a Garage Heater and Why Do I Need One?

Garage heaters are like space heaters on steroids. They can produce massive amounts of heat, run virtually continuously if necessary, and warm up your entire garage in minutes so that it is as comfortable as you want it to be.

You receive a heat source that is powerful, directed, and suitable for the low-insulation space your garage will typically be.

When the colder months come along, temperatures in your garage can dip dangerously low. You wouldn’t want to go out there without your winter coat on – and you’re indoors! This cold temperature can then begin seeping into your home, altering how you use your furnace and HVAC system to stay comfortable. A cold garage can wreak havoc on your utility bills. The garage heater can fix this.

It can also make sure any appliances, like your washer and dryer, can function normally in the cold weather because you’re establishing a better baseline temperature.

The Types of Garage Heaters

There are four basic types of garage heaters that you’ll find reviews for today.

  • Electrical. These are much like your typical space heater that you’d use for any room in your home, but taken up a notch. Some models in this category require a 240v connection to operate. Some can be wall- or ceiling-mounted, but most are designed to be portable heaters.
  • Infrared. This type of garage heater uses infrared wavelength technologies to create extra warmth. They’re silent because they don’t use a fan to distribute the warmer air to the garage. This also means the amount of space that they can effectively heat is much smaller than other heaters.
  • Radiant. These garage heaters create heat that will then radiate out from one single source. Think of it as a mechanical campfire for your garage. They produce heat quickly and are usually very energy-efficient, but that won’t create large scale temperature comfort.
  • Fueled. Evolving technologies in this category have created garage heaters that use an actual fuel source, like kerosene, propane, or diesel fuel. These are powerful heaters for large scale solutions. Some are portable, while others are fixed and can link to a fuel source outside the garage for added safety. 

Each of these heaters is either going to give you a measurement in British Thermal Units [BTUs] or in watts so you can determine how much output you’ll receive. You can convert one measurement of heat to the other based on your personal preferences pretty easily. Here’s the calculation. 

1 watt = 3.7 BTU 

So if your garage heater says that it is 2,000 watts, you can multiply the 3.7 BTU by 2,000 to determine what the output is going to be. 

How to Find the Right Garage Heater for Me

You’ve figured out the dimensions of your garage so you know how much space needs to be heated. You’ve also used the best garage heater reviews to determine your preferred make and model of heater. You’re almost ready – but there’s one more step. There are a few final considerations that must be included when shopping for a heater to make sure it is the best one possible.

  • Ceiling Height. Warm air is going to rise. If you have a garage with a tall ceiling, you may need a garage heater that is more powerful to get the expected results. Most of the calculations given on this site are based on a ceiling that is 8 feet in height.
  • Insulation. Building codes don’t always require insulation in a garage – especially if there is an attic or crawlspace above it. Without insulation, the warm air will get trapped between your roof and the ceiling of your garage instead of in your actual living/working space.
  • Temperature Difference. How many degrees do you need the indoor temperature to rise compared to the outdoor temperature? Higher numbers require more energy resources. 

Before finalizing your purchase, you’ll also need to make sure that your electrical circuit is prepared to handle the load from the garage heater after it has been installed. A 240v heater provides plenty of heat, but needs a specialized outlet for a residential circuit in most circumstances. You may need to have some wiring done or a new circuit installed if you’re purchasing a powerful garage heater and you own an older home. 

What Are the Prices of the Best Garage Heaters?

Most garage heaters are priced from $100-$200 right now. You’ll find a variety of features in different makes and models at this pricing range, allowing you to use the reviews to find the right combination of price and function. There are some cheaper units available for smaller garages or for heating individualized spaces within a garage. Industrial or commercial models are also available and these are typically priced at $250 or above.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?

Dr. Heater

This compact garage heater proves that big heat can come in small packages. We loved the 5 adjustable louvers incorporated into the design of this heater because it gives you better directional airflow than other heaters in this category. It’s also one of the few heaters that can be effectively mounted on the ceiling of your garage. Two heat settings are available on the thermostat for added convenience. This is a 240v heater only, producing up to 6,000 watts of heat, so keep that in mind as you proceed with the installation.

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If your garage or workshop isn’t the biggest one in the world, then why would you purchase an industrial-grade garage heater for it? This compact heater offers you a built-in mounting bracket that makes the vertical installation process a snap. Four adjustable louvers give you some added airflow while you enjoy the 5,000 watts of heat this unit can produce on its highest setting. A single dial on the bottom of the unit makes the adjustments. It will even work in a basement or outside if the need arises, which makes this one of the most versatile heaters in this category.

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This garage heater features a quartz heating element, giving you a more compact design than most of the other heaters in this category. It’s also equipped with overheating protections, making it suitable to mount on a ceiling if you wish. A light is also included in the design and it operates independently of the heating mechanism, so you’re always in full control. Don’t be fooled by the 1,200 watt advertised maximum heat level. With the radiant technologies mimicking sunlight, you’ll feel nice and toasty when this heater is on.

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Sometimes you just can’t directly mount your garage heater to the wall or ceiling. You need the bracket to be independent of the heater so you can extend it away from potential flammables. That’s what you’ll receive with this model, which also allows you to swivel the heater for added control. Producing over 13,000 BTUs, the automatic temperature controls let you bring the temperature in your garage up to 77F in just minutes. We really liked the fan delay in this design, giving you a surprisingly good economical performance. It’s a great heater at a great price and you won’t be disappointed.

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Mr. Heater

This portable radiant heater is designed with complete household safety in mind. There are three ways that it will automatically shut-off: if it is tipped over, if the pilot light on the unit goes out for some reason, or if it detects low oxygen levels within its environment. That’s right – this is a propane-fueled space heater that provides radiant heat, but can still be used indoors safely. It’s easy to install, gets the job done, and doesn’t need to be mounted so you can take it with you wherever you might feel cold. If you make one investment this year, consider making it this heater.

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The best garage heater reviews will help you find a way to stay warm no matter how cold it is outside. Follow all mounting instructions for the safest results and you’ll never have to feel frozen when you’re working in your garage ever again.