5 Best Oil Filled Space Heaters (Buyer’s Guide)

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In the days when our grandfathers and grandmothers had to walk three miles to school in three feet of snow all year long, homes were sometimes heated with an oil heater. Over time, electrical heaters began to take over because they were safer.

Now another evolution has occurred: the oil-filled electric heater. These heaters might be filled with oil, but they are electrically heated and the oil is used as a reservoir instead of fuel source. This means you receive an effective an affordable way to heat any room in your home.

Best Oil Filled Space Heaters

Not sure where to start? Here are the top 5 oil-filled space heaters available on Amazon.

DeLonghi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater

The DeLonghi EW7707CM is an ideal heater for medium-sized to large rooms. This oil-filled radiator is maintenance-free with the oil system permanently sealed, so you never have to worry about refilling the oil. There’s no assembly required to start using this heater, making setup quick and easy. The heater is made of heavy-duty steel.

The heater features Delonghi’s Comfort Temp technology, which saves you money by automatically keeping your room at the optimal temperature. Just press the Comfort Temp button on the Delonghi heater to automatically regulate the room temperature. The heater comes with an adjustable thermostat and three heat settings. The 1500W heater packs enough power to keep you warm.

The heater maintains a low surface temperature while producing the maximum amount of radiant heat. The heater’s automatic shut-off button means you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn the heater off when you leave home, or it isn’t in use. The heater is also heat-safe, meaning it won’t overheat.

It comes equipped with an anti-freeze setting that automatically shuts down the unit when temperatures drop below 44°F. The heater is portable and has roller wheels so you can move it from room to room without strain.


  • Money-saving Comfort Temp technology
  • Maintenance-free
  • Low surface temperature
  • Automatic shut off
  • Highly Portable


  • Doesn’t come with remote control
  • Only three heat settings

If you need a cost-effective portable heater for a medium-sized to large room, the DeLonghi EW7707CM is worth considering. The heater comes equipped with easy to use controls; you can set it up quickly, and it has excellent safety features. Although the heater has fewer heat settings than some of its competitors, it is powerful and does an excellent job of quickly heating a room.

Read our review of the DeLonghi to learn more.

Pelonis Oil Filled Radiator Heater

A powerful 1500W heater, the Pelonis oil filled radiator has three heating modes and five temperature settings ranging from 65°F to 85°F in 5-degree increments. The heater has an eco-mode setting that allows it to use its 900W and 1500W settings to optimize a room’s temperature, ensuring it uses minimal power.

The heater comes with a remote control and a ten-hour timer. It runs silently since it doesn’t use a fan to circulate the heat. The only noise you may hear is when the heater is heating up or the thermostat’s click.

Unlike some oil-heaters, the Pelonis doesn’t give off an unpleasant oil smell. The heater is ideal for medium to large-sized rooms, providing constant warmth.The Pelonis is highly portable and comes with 360 degree rotating caster wheels, making it easy to move around. You do need to install the wheels, but no tools are required. Other than that, the heater requires no assembly. The heater has a prominent LED display with a digital thermostat. You can operate the unit using the remote control or from the control panel beneath the display.

The heater comes prefilled, so you don’t have to worry about filling it with oil. Its safety features include automatic shut off, overheating protection, an indicator light to let you know when the heater is running, and a tip-over safety switch that turns the heater off if it accidentally falls over. The heater is sturdy and durable with multidimensional heating.


  • Multidimensional radiant heating system
  • Eco mode for energy savings
  • Remote control
  • Highly portable with 360 degree rotating caster wheels
  • Outstanding safety features


  • The thermostat can only be set in 5-degree increments
  • Buttons make a loud beeping noise when changing settings
  • Very hot to the touch

The Pelonis is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an oil-filled heater with lots of high-end features. It comes with a remote control, so you don’t have to get up to change its settings. The ten-hour timer allows you to turn on the heater and forget about it. The heater isn’t ideal for homes with small children or pets because it becomes very hot to the touch.

Aireplus 1500W Oil Filled Radiator Electric Heater

The Aireplus features three heating settings: 600W, 900W, 1500W with a smart ECO mode to automatically keep your room heated at your ideal temperature setting while saving you money on your energy bill. Its temperature settings range from 40°F to 95°F.

The heater comes with a 24-hour timer allowing you to let it run all day without resetting it. You can control the heater using the included remote or from the control panel. The control panel features big soft-touch buttons with a large and easy to read display. It’s easy to move the heater around thanks to its four caster wheels.

The only assembly required is attaching the wheels to the unit. The Aireplus comes equipped with several safety features, including overheating and tip protection, plus a child lock function. The heater monitors the room’s temperature, automatically turning on and off based on room temperature and the heat setting. You can adjust the thermostat in 1° increments.


  • Temperature is adjustable in 1° increments
  • Robust safety features
  • Smart eco mode to save energy
  • 24-hour timer
  • Bright display
  • Remote control


  • No handle for moving it from room to room
  • Audible sound when turning the heater on and off

The Aireplus is a highly versatile oil filled heater that comes with outstanding safety features.  Its smart eco-mode regulates how much energy the heater uses, helping you save money on your energy bills. The heater runs quiet, although there is a noticeable clicking sound when turning it off and on.

It’s not as easy to move it from room to room as some other heaters because it lacks a handle. If you’re looking for a heater that gives you a lot of flexibility when choosing heating settings, the Aireplus is worth a closer look.

Honeywell HZ-789 EnergySmart Oil Filled Radiator

Honeywell’s EnergySmart technology makes the HZ-789 a powerful and efficient heater. EnergySmart uses the temperature you set to regulate the unit’s heat and wattage. The heater has an adjustable thermostat with three heat settings, and the timer is programmable for between one and twelve hours.

The unit uses 1500W when operating on high and 900W on low, and it has a 250-foot range, so it works best in medium-sized rooms. It’s large LED display with digital EasySet controls make operating the heater easy. The heater features an easy-pull handle and easy-glide wheels making it easy to move around.

The safety features on the Honeywell HZ-789 include a 3-prong grounded plug, heavy-duty power cord, overheating protection, and tip-over protection. The heater requires no assembly.


  • Attractive, sleek design matches any decor
  • EnergySmart technology
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Programmable between one and twelve hours
  • No assembly required


  • Fins are hot to the touch and could be a burn risk
  • Limited heating range
  • No remote control

The Honeywell HZ-789 is worth considering if you have a small to medium-sized space that needs a heater. The heater’s controls are intuitive, making the unit easy to operate. The heater is very portable, so moving it from room to room won’t be a problem. The heater features a permanently sealed oil reservoir that requires no maintenance. It’s made of high-quality steel.

Aikoper Oil Filled Radiator Heater

The user-friendly Aikoper heater comes with three heat settings: 600W, 900W, 1500W, and an eco mode to regulate its energy output efficiently. The heater is designed for use in medium to large-sized rooms. It features a large LED display and a control panel that features buttons for each of the heater’s functions. You can control the heater using its remote or the control panel.

The heater comes equipped with low, middle, high, and ECO settings. You can also set the heater to a specific temperature using its digital thermostat. The thermostat has a range between 40°F and 95°F, which can be set in 1° intervals. It has a 24-hour auto-off and on timer, so you can customize the heater’s operating time to your needs.

It has outstanding built-in safety technology, including fin separation to prevent overheating, anti-freeze setting to keep pipes from freezing, tip-over protection, and auto shut off. The unit’s caster wheels make it highly portable, and they are easy to assemble.


  • Heats room up quickly
  • Operates silently
  • Remote control
  • Temperature adjustable in 1° intervals
  • Outstanding safety features


  • Display doesn’t show the room’s current temperature
  • Have to reset temperature every time you turn the heater on manually

If you want various temperature settings and the ability to set the thermostat to a specific temperature, the Aikoper could be the right heater for you. This heater is easy to operate, has outstanding safety features, and heats up quickly. The eco settings will help you save money on your energy bills.

Although the display doesn’t show the room’s current temperature, this is a minor annoyance. Overall, this is a well-built, durable heater.

What Is an Oil Filled Heater and Why Do I Need One?

When the colder months of winter come along, it’s not the temperature that we dread. It’s the utility bills that are coming our way. The change from summer to winter can bring an additional cost of hundreds of dollars per month in some homes. An oil filled heater is an easy way to limit these utility costs because it helps your existing HVAC system work more efficiently.

It can also operate as a stand-alone heating unit if you prefer. If you choose a model that can operate at 600 watts, then you may even have an off-the-grid heating solution because these space heaters are one of the few that can work with solar power or other homestead-style power sources.

These heaters work efficiently because the oil within them is heated as a reservoir. It maintains the heat for a prolonged period of time and transmits it into the room environment through the convection process. As the air comes into contact with the heated components, it warms it up and eventually makes the room warmer. Because the oil stays heated, less energy needs to be used because constant heating isn’t required.

Heat flows upward and then the process repeats itself. There’s no fan, so there’s no frustrating background sounds. You just receive the warmer room that your home needs to have.

What Are the Benefits of an Oil Filled Heater?

The primary benefit of owning one of the best oil filled heaters is that they have lower overall maintenance costs. They just warm up the oil in them, so there is never really a need to replace the oil unless you happen to tip one over for some reason and there’s a mechanical failure which allows a leak to take place.

Then add in the lower overall utility costs that come with this type of heater because of its energy efficiency and you save even more. There isn’t the need to supply this type of heater with a constant supply of power. Even when power is needed, it takes less energy to replace the heat loss the oil has experienced. Many space heaters need to use 1,500 watts of energy in order to heat 250 square feet. An oil filled heater may only need to use 300-400 watts to heat the same space.

Oil filled heaters also have a number of safety features included with the design so that there aren’t unintentional injuries. The heating elements don’t become blistering red hot when operating, so if you bump the heater, you have fewer worries about experiencing a bad burn. If the heater does get warmer than is safe, the automatic shut-off features are included so the heat levels stay regulated.

They also fit into smaller spaces than other types of space heaters, giving you more placement options throughout your home or office.

Certain Disadvantages with Oil Filled Heaters and How to Solve Them

The one main disadvantage that comes with an oil filled heater is the time it takes to heat a room. It’s more of a slow build-up of temperature instead of a fast temperature change. If you need instant heat, this probably isn’t the first solution to consider.

Because there is oil being heated for warmth, there can be a certain “oily” odor which emanates from these heaters from time to time. It can be especially noticeable in cold weather when you first turn on the heater. The odor typically fades away, but can still be bothersome to some people. Having good ventilation in the room often prevents this odor from being noticed.

We’ve also found that some of the cheaper models in this category can, from time to time, miss on the temperature settings by a few degrees. Each model is a little different, so it can take some tinkering to get the temperature settings right for your home.

The best oil filled heater reviews will let you compare features, determine overall quality, and let you know if that heater can meet your specific needs. That way, with this information in hand, you can avoid the vast majority of disadvantages that are reported with this type of heater.

What Are the Prices of Oil Filled Heaters?

Although these heaters tend to be priced higher than other space heaters, the investment will eventually pay for itself through utility savings. Most households can expect to pay at least $100 for heaters in this category. The best oil filled heaters with premium features may exceed $200 in price, but they also tend to heat rooms that are 300-400 square feet in size.

Final Thoughts

Oil-filled space heaters are a great option if you need either a primary or secondary heater for your or office. They heat up quickly and do an excellent job of distributing heat throughout a room. Most oil-filled space heaters come with energy-saving eco modes that regulate the wattage the heater uses based on the room’s temperature.

These heaters come with an array of safety features, including auto-shutoff and tip protection, so that you can use them without worry. If you’re in the market for a heater, oil-filled heaters are an option worth considering.