Best Outdoor Heaters and Patio Heater Reviews

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You’re having a get-together, but it turns a little chilly outside. You have the urge to grill, but there is 6 inches of snow on the ground. There’s a strawberry sunset to enjoy, but you don’t want to throw on a winter coat to get a good glimpse of it.

The best outdoor heaters and patio heater reviews will help you find a comprehensive heating solution so you can comfortably enjoy the outdoors in all seasons, day or night.

The Best Chart for Outdoor and Patio Heaters

If you want to get cozy while enjoying the outdoors, then an outdoor or patio heater is a great way to turn your backyard into a legitimate living space. The chart below offers you a look at the proven heaters in this category that will keep you and your family warm while you enjoy the outdoors.

PictureNameOur RatingFuel Source
Fire Sense Hammer Bronze Commercial Patio Heater 4.2Propane
AmazonBasics Havana Bronze Commercial Patio Heater 4.2Propane
AZ Patio Heaters Quartz Glass Tube 3.6Propane
Fire Sense Hanging Stainless Steel Halogen Patio Heater 4.1Electric
UFO UK-15 Mid-Wave Infrared Patio Heater 4.1Electric
Palm Springs Hammered Bronze Commercial Patio Heater 4.6Propane
Lava Heat Italia Natural Gas Patio Heater 5.0Natural Gas
Bellezza Patio Heater 4.2Propane
Thermo Tiki Premium Floor-Standing Outdoor Patio Heater 4.1Propane
AZ Patio Heaters Commercial Stainless Steel Patio Heater 4.1Propane/Butane
PictureNameOur RatingFuel Source

What Are the Different Types of Outdoor and Patio Heaters?

If you’re looking for a comprehensive outdoor or patio heating solution, then you’ve got plenty of options from which to choose. Your first choice is to determine the specific style of heater that you’ll want to install in your outdoor environment.

  • Chimineas. This type of outdoor and patio heater, originally created in Mexico, has surged in popularity around the world as of late. Designed to keep moisture off of the fire, you can heat your outdoors with a minimal amount of fuel – which is often wood. They are efficient, safe, and draw smoke away from you and your guests. They are more suitable for cool summer nights instead of cold winter days.
  • Fire Pits. There’s something special about the experience a fire pit is able to provide, but you don’t have to dig out a hole in your yard these days to enjoy that experience. Gas and wood-burning options are now available today, with sizes typically ranging from 25-45 inches in diameter.
  • Outdoor Fireplaces. These self-contained units are similar to their indoor portable heating cousins, but can also be a real fireplace if you wish. The most common fuel type used for this outdoor or patio heater is propane. These are the heaviest products in this category, so aren’t usually suitable for portable heating.
  • Patio Heaters. This heating option can pack a huge amount of output into a tiny package. They offer effective radiant heat for up to 20 feet in diameter and can extend how long you get to use your backyard all year long in some climates. Different sizes allow for wall or ceiling mounts, tabletop versions, or full-sized ground models. There are different fuel sources available with this type of heater as well. 

The issue with outdoor and patio heaters which must be addressed, no matter what type you may use, is how they adapt to changing weather conditions. Chimineas may crack after being exposed to rain, for example, and some patio heaters may begin to corrode if they receive scratching on a plated surface. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the outdoor heating system and avoid storing flammable materials next to the heater for best results. 

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Heaters and Patio Heaters

The first consideration when looking at outdoor heating options is the amount of heat that can be produced by your preferred models. BTU ratings can be useful in this area, but may not be a true reflection of the output that is received. A patio heater with 50,000 BTU and only a 6 foot radius of distribution may not be as good as a heater with 35,000 BTU, but a 20 foot radius, for your specific needs.

The look of the heater should also be taken into account, no matter what type of heater you’re shopping for today. This heater is going to be part of your home’s social experience. It should be visually inviting.

The best heaters in this category are also typically easy to put together if needed, have a simple operation process that lets you generate heat quickly, yet still offers a wide range of safety features to make sure that no one gets hurt just because they’re trying to stay warm. Look for heaters in this category that have automatic shut-off valves, weighted bases to prevent tip-overs, spark guards, door gates, and other miscellaneous options to make sure everyone can have safe fun.

And, as a final consideration, the durability of the unit should also be considered. A finish should be strong enough to resist corrosion, even if it happens to receive a scratch or two. Look for a solid support base and covers if you plan to keep your heater outdoors year-round. This is where the best outdoor heaters and patio heater reviews can give you an advantage during the shopping process, letting you see these features and benefits from a real-life perspective.

What Are the Prices of the Best Outdoor and Patio Heaters?

Outdoor heaters and patio heaters are designed to provide consistently high levels of heat through a very durable design. This means many of the heaters in this category are going to be more expensive than indoor heaters with a comparable output. Just about every heater in this category is priced above $100. It is very common for patio heaters in particular to be priced above $200. Premium heating options can be priced as high as $650.

For the average patio, one heater will generally be enough to provide the needed temperature change to enjoy the outdoors. Larger patios or backyard changes may require 2-3 heaters. Watch for “multipack” purchasing options if you need more than one heater in this category because you can save up to $50 per heater (depending on the manufacturer) by purchasing multiple heaters at once.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?


This patio heater is surprisingly durable considering the price point at which it is offered. Providing up to 46,000 BTUs of heating support, the Piezo ignition makes using this heater a snap. It also has a safety automatic shut-off tilt valve to limit your worries. Wheel assembly is included with this unit, which stands 89 inches tall. The powder-coated bronze finish will stand up to the weather, but we do recommend the optional cover for best results. If you want to extend the season for your outdoor patio, this might just be the best patio heater for you.

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AZ Patio Heaters

It’s the access door design that initially attracted us to this outdoor heater. With a two-piece quartz glass tube and 40,000 BTUs, you receive quiet and convenient heat that is easy to maintain. Equipped with thermocouple and anti-tilt safety devices, a regulator is also included with this particular patio heater. It comes CSA approved and requires a 20 pound propane tank in order to operate. Just open the door, swap out propane tanks, and you’ve got heat again in about 120 seconds. It’s definitely worth giving it a second look.

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Fire Sense Hanging Heater

This hanging stainless steel halogen heater offers you no UV rays and an ultra-quiet operation. It hangs just like a chandelier, but instead of providing light, you’ll receive comforting heat. Operating at just 10% of the energy cost of an LPG heater, there are no harmful emissions or toxic residuals produced by this outdoor heater. It operates on a standard household current and offers you an 8 foot cord for convenient placement. If you don’t like the idea of a stand-alone patio heater, we highly recommend giving this model a try today.

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Thermo Tiki

Using infrared heating technologies combined with a propane fuel source, this 7 foot tall heater is extremely easy to use. Just connect your fuel, hit the lighting mechanism, and you’re ready to produce heat. The reflector diameter of 32 inches gives you about 7-8 feet of effective heating around the unit. The element cover is included with this model, so you can protect your investment as well. A built-in safety valve is there for added safety and a wheel set is also included for easier transport from site to site.

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Fire Sense Patio Heater

We like the easy start features and the heat output of this heater. We also enjoyed its overall convenience. Just beware that if you have this patio heater shipped to you, there is some assembly required. The instructions are thorough and will take you through the process, but be careful when unwrapping and installing components because they can damage pretty easily. If you equip a 20 pound propane tank to this patio heater, you’ll receive about 10 hours of use. The tank fits within the base of the heater and hooks up easily, so changing out a used tank for a new one is a simple process.

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The best outdoor heaters and patio heater reviews will help you extend the time you get to use your backyard. Enjoy all of the seasons with family and friends, stay comfortable at the same time, and it won’t take long to realize just how good of an investment these heaters happen to be.