Damn the Expense! The Quickest Ways to Warm Up a Home

20. Damn the Expense - The Quickest Way to Warm up at Home

Sometimes you just need to get warm and you don’t care what it takes. The days of sitting on a heater vent while reading a book might bring back great memories, but memories don’t take the chill out of the air, right? Here are the quickest ways to get your home warm so you can be comfortable.

  1. Close off rooms that aren’t being used. You won’t keep the cold out just by closing a few doors. What you can do is contain the heat that you’ve generated in that confined space. Just hang out in your bedroom for a while with a space heater running on high and you’ll feel a noticeable difference in 10 minutes or less. 
  1. Turn on your ceiling fans. Did you know that if your ceiling fans are spinning clockwise that you can drive the rising warm air back down on top of your head? If the ceiling fans are spinning counter-clockwise, they’ll funnel the warmer air away from you. 
  1. Cover your walls in flannel sheets. Seriously. It’s like giving your home another layer of insulation to protect you from the cold. If you’re running heaters, make sure to keep the flannel sheets away from the heater. Just make sure you’ve got some compound putty when spring comes along so you can fix the holes you’ll need to put in your wall. Don’t forget to hang thick curtains over your windows and be sure to block the door drafts as well. 
  1. Add a few rugs to your floor. Did you know that a floor which isn’t insulated can contribute up to 10% of the heat loss your home experiences? One of the fastest ways to correct this issue is to add a few area rugs. You’ll give your room a new look, your toes will like the experience, and you’ll be able to stop cold air from coming to bother you. 
  1. Put on your tinfoil hat. If you have baseboard heating or one of the best oil-filled heaters as a heat source, then consider placing some tinfoil behind the heater. This will help to reflect more of the heat outward toward you so that the heater can work more efficiently. You can also give your exhaust fans a tinfoil hat so that the heat reflects downward, but the moisture you need to remove can be eliminated.
  1. Run an industrial-grade space heater in your garage. The garage is often the coldest room in the house because it typically lacks the same levels of insulation. If you run a garage heater of commercial or industrial grade while you’re home, you can stop the heat transfer that happens to the colder garage so you feel warmer. You might also consider throwing some insulation up in the roof of your garage if you can. 
  1. Heat yourself up. Maybe that means you drink a cup of hot coffee or cocoa. Or maybe you light the fireplace. Or you go outside and stand over your grill, longing for the days of summer. A hot pack, a warm bag of dry beans – this old school stuff still works when you’re really cold. Even a scratchy pair of long johns can help to take the goosebumps away. 
  1. Keep your thermostat in the mid-70s all day long. You can’t really run a space heater safely if you’re not home. Instead of trying to warm up your house after returning home from work, set your thermostat higher during the day and then run your space heaters when you’re home. There will be a noticeable change in the comfort levels of your home. 

Let’s face it: some of these ideas aren’t really practical. If you’re in a hurry and want to get warm, however, they can help to give you immediate comfort so you can then focus on other important issues, like how to save money on your utility bills, after you’ve taken the chill out of the air.