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“Baby, it’s cold outside.”

But inside, it should be nice and warm. For far too long, we’ve accepted the HVAC inefficiencies, insulation problems, and other home issues that create pockets of bothersome cold air. Thanks to the constant innovation of space heater technologies, an entire home can become comfortable just by turning on one heater.

And here’s the best news: with the right heater and thermostat adjustments, you might even be able to save money on your utility bills every month.

How to Find the Best Space Heater for Me

Finding the right space heater doesn’t have to be a trial and error process. Think about what your home heating needs happen to be right now. Do you need a great bathroom space heater? Maybe one of the best oil-filled heaters? Or are you looking for a brand name heater from Holmes, DeLonghi, Lasko, or another top brand?

Then don’t just settle for the first heater that you see. Use the wealth of information that is available on Heater Hound and the Internet at large to make an informed choice for your home heating needs.

Space heaters come in many different shapes and sizes today. There are many different types of space heater designs from which to choose as well. We’ll help you take the guesswork out of this process so that you can know with great certainty that the investment you’re about to make is going to pay you back every time you turn the heater on.

Large Rooms? Small Rooms? Patios? Space Heaters Do It All!

In the past, space heaters were a costly proposition. Even as late as the year 2000, it could cost you an extra $10-$25 per space heater each month to give your home supplemental heat. Now you can turn on a space heater, turn down your furnace, and potentially save money every month. Over time, a space heater can literally pay for itself.

At Heater Hound, we’ll take you through the key features that will help you heat some of the largest rooms in your home. We’ll show you what type of heater gives you the most advantages for your household type. Then we’ll show you what options are available so you can find the one that best meets your budgetary demands, both with the product price and the utility cost of running that heater.

It’s not just indoor space heaters that are featured here. We take a comprehensive look at some of today’s best publicly rated patio and outdoor heaters, garage heaters, and portable propane and kerosene heaters so that you can be comfortable no matter where you happen to be. Extend the seasonal use of a porch or work outside in comfort on a cold day on that construction project with the right heater at the right price.

It’s time to stop letting the cold have its way. With the best space heater for your needs giving you a helping hand, you and yours will be comfortable all year long.