Review: Broan Wall Heater with Painted Grille

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I’ll never forget the first wall heater I got to use. I was just 8 years old and it was in the first house my family could really call “theirs.” Installed in our downstairs bathroom, I could run that heater when taking a bath and be comfortable at all times. I used to sneak in there during a cold Wisconsin winter to read Nancy Drew or The Hardy Boys mysteries. That heater was very much like the Broan Wall Heater is today.

Giving this heater a trial run brought back some great memories, but there are also some key points that must be looked at before deciding that this is the right heater for your home. Here is a summary of the trial experience:

  1. This wall heater needs to be placed higher than you might think. The design of the grille on the Broan wall heater is louvered in a downward direction. This means your hot air is destined to hit your floor. If you place the heater at floor level, it will struggle to maintain your preferred temperature. Consider an installation at waist level, or even eye level, for better results. 
  1. The heating element may or may not be 100% efficient. The idea of a product having perfect efficiency is somewhat questionable. There is no doubt that this wall heater will quickly warm up a room thanks to the element configuration it has, which is insulated with mica. You’re going to be impressed with how effective it is. 
  1. Maintenance and inspections on this wall heater are ridiculously easy. The complete assembly can be removed from the housing on the Broan wall heater so you can clean it out periodically. This also makes it a lot easier to maintain the unit, especially considering the equipped motor has permanent lubrication. 
  1. Conversions are a simple matter with this wall heater. This heater is factory-wired to provide 1,500 watts on a 120v connection. You can also convert it to provide a 750/1500w experience on a 240v connection if you prefer. Just try to keep it on its own circuit if you can because otherwise the load will often trip an existing circuit if anything else happens to be running on it. 
  1. It has overload protections. This generally isn’t much of an issue with wall heaters, but should it become overwhelmed for some reason, there are overload protections in place to help protect your investment. It also comes equipped with a manual reset thermal overload protector to make sure you receive a reliable outcome. 
  1. It’s a single-bracket installation. Some homes may need to have a double-bracket installation for coding or permitting needs. 

As long as you clean out this heater on a regular basis and don’t mind a bit of background noise when it is operating, then you’ll enjoy what the Broan wall heater is able to provide. Maybe you’ll bring back some fond memories or maybe you’ll just be happy with more consistent home temperatures. Either way, if you want a permanent heater for your space, this model will get the job done.

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