Review: DeLonghi Safeheat 1500W Portable Oil-Filled Radiator

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Some of the best nights growing up came from reading a book in front of the radiator on a cool evening. Sitting there, experiencing mysteries or new worlds, is a great bit of nostalgia that the DeLonghi Safeheat 1,500 watt portable oil-filled radiator can provide for any home. Designed like the old-fashioned radiators, but with castors that make this unit easy to move from room to room, you can grab a book and sit by the warm radiator once again to relax an evening away.

What Are the Features of the DeLonghi Safeheat 1500W

Like many portable oil-filled space heaters that are on the market today, this DeLonghi radiator offers you 7 permanently sealed fins which contain pure diathermic oil. You never need to replace the oil that gets heated because the oil isn’t consumed by the heating process and there are tip-over protections in place. This means you receive a gentle, but effective heat that can create a comfortable temperature in rooms that are up to 200 square feet in size.

There are these additional features with the DeLonghi Safeheat oil-filled radiator to consider as well.

  • It comes equipped with an automatic thermostat, called “ComforTemp,” which allows you to set an ideal temperature and the radiator will maintain it for you.
  • Thermal slots, which have been patented, allow for a greater level of heat flow without creating a higher energy consumption demand.
  • An anti-freeze setting forces this radiator to turn on when the radiator senses temperatures below 44F, protecting the plumbing and pipe networks of your home.

It does take a little time for this radiator to heat up, so if you’re looking for instant heat from a space heater, this isn’t the product for you. If you can give it 6-8 minutes, however, you’ll find that this radiator does a consistently good job of maintaining a comfortable temperature all day long.

Key Points to Consider With the DeLonghi Safeheat 1500W

The issue with many oil-filled radiators is that they tend to be a bit hot to the touch. The unique design of this DeLonghi radiator still gets a little warm, but it’s in a temperature range that won’t create a burn threat for most people.

The quality of this radiator is also something that must be mentioned. Most space heaters can’t be left on 24/7, but you can leave this radiator running for just about as long as you like. We let it run without turning it off during the entire trial period and had zero problems with it.

If you do have the radiator set to a specific temperature, there is a bit of an annoying clicking sound you’ll hear when the unit turns on or off. Should it be cycling rapidly, it’s almost like someone is standing there next to you clicking a pen in your ear. If you change the temperature about 3 degrees up or down, you can stop this issue if it is bothersome to you.

We really loved using the DeLonghi Safeheat 1,500W Oil-Filled Radiator not just because it brought back good memories. It also provides consistent, comfortable heat and that’s ultimately what it is supposed to do. It earns our strongest of recommendations.

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