Review: Fire Sense Hammer Tone Bronze Commercial Patio Heater

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There’s something special about enjoying your backyard with a loved one. The only problem is that for many homes, the patio and backyard can’t be used year-round. When you own the Fire Sense commercial-grade patio heater, everything changes. Thanks to the 46,000 BTU output of this patio heater, you’ll be able to enjoy strawberry sunsets in winter, backyard grilling for Christmas, and fun nights with friends outside on even some of the coldest days of the year.

What Are the Features of the Fire Sense Commercial Patio Heater

Some patio heaters are weak, but the Fire Sense commercial patio heater is remarkably strong with its output. This is partly due to the durable stainless steel burners that work with the double-mantle heating grid so you receive a remarkable heating radius. Just one of these patio heaters will work to heat the entire patio of the average home. Just use the Piezo ignition to start it up and in a few minutes, you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors a whole lot more.

This commercial patio heater by Fire Sense also comes with some additional features which are also worth considering.

  • The design of this heater also offers a wheel assembly, making it possible to move this heater from location to location with ease should the need arise.
  • An automatic shut-off tilt valve is also incorporated into the design, helping to prevent injuries or damage should something or someone bump into the heater.
  • If you equip a 20 pound propane tank to this patio heater, you’ll receive about 10 hours of use. The tank fits within the base of the heater and hooks up easily, so changing out a used tank for a new one is a simple process.

We like the easy start features and the heat output of this heater. We also enjoyed its overall convenience. Just beware that if you have this patio heater shipped to you, there is some assembly required. The instructions are thorough and will take you through the process, but be careful when unwrapping and installing components because they can damage pretty easily.

Key Points to Consider With the Fire Sense Commercial Patio Heater

There isn’t a fuel indicator included on this patio heater. The only way to know that your fuel is running out is that the flame gets smaller and your heating radius reduces just as the propane is about to run out. If you lose track of how often you’ve used this heater, then you may find yourself in a cold position until you swap out tanks.

The patio heater is a little over 7 feet tall when it is fully assembled. That works well for most patios, but if you have an 8 foot awning, you’ll want to place this heater outside of the coverage area of that awning for best results.

On a calm evening, we measured out the heat radius of this patio heater and found that it was a little over 8 feet. Windy days can sometimes be problematic for this heater – use at your own discretion during those moments.

If you’re tired of propane space heaters which have a pilot light you need to constantly light, then we recommend giving the Fire Sense commercial patio heater a try today. It’s light enough to move around, durable enough to get the job done, and you can enjoy cool nights outside in comfort all year long.

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