Review: Holmes Digital Bathroom Heater Fan

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Stepping out of the shower on any day can give you a bit of a chill. Stepping out of the shower in the middle of winter before your HVAC system has kicked in, however, can turn you into an instant icicle. Many households counter this issue by having a space heater working in the bathroom, but that’s not always the best idea. The Holmes Digital Bathroom Heater Fan is different because it’s designed to work in those high moisture environments. You increase your safety and you stay warm – that’s a winning combination.

What Are the Features of the Holmes Digital Bathroom Fan?

Outside of the ALCI plug that comes with this heater for safe bathroom use, we like the fact that you can mount this portable little heater on the wall. This gives you a permanent heating solution that is out of the way of a busy bathroom. Instead of having a cord draped somewhere so that someone trips over it and hurts themselves or the heater, you can put this heater where it works best for your bathroom, but still have easy-access controls to enjoy.

Here are some of the additional features which come with the Holmes Digital Bathroom Fan which may be of benefit.

  • The controls on this heater are digital, which makes it a lot easier to maintain the desired temperature level in the bathroom at all times.
  • There’s a timer included within the design of the heater so you can pre-heat your bathroom before your shower or bath so that you’re comfortable at all times.
  • A digital clock is also included with this heater so you can stay on top of your morning or evening routine.

Now this heater is a little loud compared to your average space heater. Within a small bathroom, about 50 square feet or less, the decibel rating is 60 dB. That’s on par with many bathroom exhaust fans, but still requires a little getting used to having in the background – especially if you like having music on while you’re in the bathroom.

Key Points to Consider With the Holmes Digital Bathroom Fan

There is just one heat setting on this bathroom heater: 1,500 watts. This means you’ll always have maximum output. It comes with a 1 year limited warranty to help protect your investment.

This heater does come with a couple of key safety features. There is an automatic shut-off included to prevent overheating from occurring. There’s also a manual user reset that can be accessed on this heater should the need arise.

If you operate this heater on a regular basis, we recommend keeping an eye on the wiring connection to the heating elements. The wiring is wrapped with heat shielding on this model, but the exposure could still cause a bit of a problem.

Whether you’re looking for a warmer floor or you just want a warm bathroom during a cold winter to stop the chills from happening, the Holmes Digital Bathroom Heater will get the job done. We had a great time using this heater and believe you will too.

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