Review: Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater with Digital Display

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When it’s a little chilly in the house, it can be tempting to turn up the thermostat a degree or two. When you own the Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater with Digital Display, that temptation goes away because you can turn on portable and gentle warmth.

The top-access push-button controls with a digital thermostat let you create the specific levels of warmth you want. Whether you’re reading blogs online or watching some TV, this tower heater will give you long-lasting heat for a very affordable price.

What Are the Features of the Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater?

The primary feature we really loved with this particular tower heater was the large oscillation coverage area it provides. The movement back and forth can provide you an entire room’s worth of heated air movement so you can feel comfortable. We found that the oscillation movement is so good that you can even turn down your thermostat a degree or three when you’ve got this space heater operating.

Here are some of the additional features this Lasko ceramic heater has built into it which may be of benefit to your home.

  • It provides up to 1,500 watts of heating comfort and allows you to set a timer for up to 8 hours.
  • There is a heat shutoff function that measures the temperature internally as well as the external ambient temperature so you don’t waste energy needlessly or create a fire hazard.
  • You can program the thermostat to a specific temperature so you can control comfort levels in rooms that are 150-200 square feet in size with remarkable precision.

The weight of this ceramic tower heater is also nice. At just 9 pounds, this heater can go with you from room to room so that you can maximize your comfort, even when the days are at their coldest outside. It really is a great portable heater that gets the job done.

Key Points to Consider with the Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater

The main issue that needs to be looked at with this Lasko ceramic tower heater is the fact that it doesn’t have a tip-over shut-off function. Now the tower design is remarkably stable, but if the kids are chasing your dog around the house and someone knocks the heater over, it’s going to keep pumping out heat and that could cause a problem.

There are three different modes with this heater: low, high, and automatic. We preferred the automatic mode because it will keep your room temperature within 2 degrees of your settings on the thermostat. The low setting was consistent, but with limited heat output, while the high setting had a little more cycling than we’d like to see.

If you want a quiet heater, this is the one. There’s still some noise to it, of course, but you won’t feel like you need to yell at someone sitting next to you on the couch just to have a conversation with them.

Overall, we found the Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater with Digital Display is a well-built heater that provides a consistent heating experience. With care, every home can benefit from what this heater can do, and that’s why it earns our recommendation today.

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