Review: Mr Heater MH9BX Buddy Portable Radiant Heater

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There are a lot of space heaters that talk about how portable they are, but it’s more of a marketing term than a practical aspect of the heater’s design. That isn’t the case with the Mr. Heater MH9BX Buddy. This portable radiant heater produces up to 9,000 BTUs so you can effectively heat a space up to 200 square feet in size. It’s approved for both indoor and outdoor use as well, so take it on your next camping trip or put it in your RV. You won’t believe the heat output this little heater is able to provide.

What Are the Features of the Mr Heater Buddy?

This portable radiant heater is designed with complete household safety in mind. There are three ways that it will automatically shut-off: if it is tipped over, if the pilot light on the unit goes out for some reason, or if it detects low oxygen levels within its environment. That’s right – this is a propane-fueled space heater that provides radiant heat, but can still be used indoors safely.

Here are some of the other features we found to be beneficial when giving the Mr Heater MH9BX Buddy a try.

  • Unlike other portable propane-fueled space heaters, this radiant heater is remarkably clean burning. We agree with the assessment that this unit is nearly 100% efficient.
  • Design elements like the fold-down handle or the swivel-out regulator help keep this heater quite portable.
  • The camping-style propane tanks work with this heater, fitting in nicely right on the side of the unit, so you don’t have to worry about dropping the propane as you move.

If you want a more permanent heating solution, you can also purchase a propane hose to connect this heater to a 20 pound propane tank if you prefer. At 9 pounds, it’s surprisingly lightweight, and there’s a low setting at 4,000 BTUs if you decide you weren’t as cold as you thought you were. All in all, we found this heater gets the job done.

Key Points to Consider With the Mr Heater Buddy

When you look at the owner’s manual, there is a warning that specifically says the warranty on this heater will be considered void if any “unapproved accessories or attachments” are used with this heater. You’ll pretty much need to stick with same-brand products, like a carrying bag or a hose assembly, if you’re using anything but the camping propane tank.

We also like the fact that if you pick up this heater, it will automatically turn off for you. This makes it a lot safer in homes that have kids, pets, or both. You can use it as a personal heater or to heat a larger space for everyone thanks to this design.

The fuel consumption on this heater is a little high. If you’re running this heater on the 9,000 BTU setting, then you’ll only get 2-3 hours of use from a camping propane container. On the low setting, you’ll get 5-6 hours on that portable canister. That’s great for emergencies, but for long-term use, you’ll need the larger tank and the brand-name hose.

In many ways, the Mr Heater MH9BX Buddy Portable Space Heater is a gem. It works consistently well, gives you fast heat, and has numerous safety features to enjoy. If you need portable heat and want a propane heater, then we highly recommend this heater today.

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