Review: Patton Milk-House Utility Heater

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When you need to have an affordable space heater, you shouldn’t need to compromise on the features or durability of the unit you receive.

It should work hard for you, heat up a room quickly, and be able to be used in any room in your home.

That’s exactly what you’ll receive with the Patton Milk-House Utility Heater. Plug this workhorse in anywhere and even rooms that are 250+ square feet in size will be noticeably warmer in 15 minutes or less.

What Are the Features of the Patton Milk-House Utility Heater?

You have to look at the durability of the design and the rugged steel housing on this utility heater as its primary feature. It works on any floor, including carpet, and will stand up to heavy use. Knock it over, put a dent in the housing, and it’s still going to provide you with the consistent heat you need. It works particularly well in open areas, including your garage or your basement, and can run for extended periods of time: 8-12 hours, in our trial experience.

Here are some of the other features worth noting about the Patton Milk-House Utility Heater.

  • It uses fan-forced convection coil heat, but the fan isn’t remarkably loud. You’ll notice that it’s running, but the noise level is similar to a fan set to medium.
  • There are two heat settings, low and high, providing 1,000-1,500 watts of heat.
  • Front guards help to provide extra safety, as well as an included automatic shut-off if the heater happens to get tipped over for some reason. Just set it back upright and the heater starts working again.

The one area of care that we encourage everyone to take is with the handles on this heater. It’s extremely portable, but if you’ve run the heater for an extended period of time and then try to move it, the handles can be warm enough to be uncomfortable.

Key Points to Consider With the Patton Milk-House Utility Heater

When you have this heater on high and with a mid-range setting, it tends to cycle a lot. There isn’t much noise that occurs with the cycling, but it can be rapid at times. The best way to avoid this issue is to set the heater on high at the highest temperature setting. Running it on low will typically avoid cycling as well.

Although the front guards look like another set of handles, they are not. They are intended to prevent tip-overs. If you have kids around, you’ll want to make sure they understand to grab the heater from the top, not the front, to avoid an accidental injury.

Although the looks of this heater really aren’t very appealing, the raw output that this heater can provide is almost beyond compare at the price point offered. If you need an affordable and powerful heater with basic features and settings, the Patton Milk-House Utility Heater is going to get the job done. Even if you only use it as a spare, you’re not going to be disappointed by the results it can provide.

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