Review: Honeywell Quick Heat Ceramic Heater

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Sometimes it isn’t a massively large space heater that you need. A small space, like a cubicle or a workspace at home, just needs to be heated.

If that’s the case for you, then the Honeywell Quick Heat ceramic heater might just be the answer that you need. With an adjustable thermostat that goes from “off” to “super,” you can create the right temperature in just minutes thanks to the ceramic quick heat function of this design.

There are some key points of note that came about from our trial period with this small heater, so let’s discuss those here.

  1. The fuse is made with V0 rated plastic. This means you have the highest level of vertical flame retardant when using the space heater. Some public reviewers have complained about the fact that this is plastic. Pay more attention to the rating and not the composition in our opinion. 
  1. There are two high quality safety features installed. This small ceramic space heater offers users a high-temperature control safety feature and a back-up thermal circuit breaker. Under normal operating conditions, we couldn’t get either safety feature to actually kick-in, but should the heater get covered or knocked over for some reason, you’ll see this advantage. 
  1. It was surprisingly energy efficient. When we used this heater, we noticed only a small bump in our utility bills – about $5. There wasn’t any change to the other heating habits during that trial period. 
  1. It’s not quiet, but it’s not really that loud either. If you’ve ever used a portable air purifier or a desk fan, then the noise level produced by the Honeywell QuickHeat is comparable to these. It might be a little bothersome when it’s right next to you, but otherwise we don’t see this being much of an issue. 
  1. It doesn’t perform well when used for several hours at a time. Because of its compact size, the ceramic disc within the heater tends to create an internally hot condition that can affect the other mechanisms and wiring of the heater. As with several public reviews, we noticed that tart burning smell of electrical wiring after using this heater for about 3 hours straight. Continuing to leave it on may potentially cause a fire hazard. For temporary needs, like running the heater in the bathroom during a shower, we found this heater did quite well. 
  1. There are cycling issues which can be frustrating. When the temperature around the heater matches the thermostat setting, we discovered that this Honeywell heater can cycle on and off nearly 40 times per minute. That can also affect the durability of the unit. Making changes to the thermostat or placing the heater in a new location can be effective fixes for this issue. 
  1. There isn’t an off switch. You plug this heater in and it turns on. To turn it off, you’ve got to unplug it or set it to the lowest thermostat setting – which is actually labeled “off.” So if you’re looking for an independent switch, you won’t find one here. 

The Honeywell Quick Heat ceramic heater is not designed for every day, long-term use. It’s supposed to be a quick source of temporary heat. With the right care measures taken, we can see this being an effective heater, but not necessarily in every situation or for every home.

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